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Few things are more emotionally draining than finding yourself in the middle of a legal matter you don't know how to resolve. Whether you feel as though you are losing control of your situation in a divorce or custody battle, or are fighting to protect your rights in a contract dispute, or you are trying to explore your options available to fight criminal charges, you need someone who can help.

When you contact my firm - La Quinta Law Group - you will find an attorney who can relate to you in a kind and gentle way. I know this can be a confusing time, so I take the time to explain each step of the process to you. I explain to clients about the cost and time implications of each option that you have so that you can make an informed decision, and I work with you to create a strategy that is most likely to accomplish your goals.

I stand ready to answer any questions you might have, and I always return phone calls promptly if I am not available when you call. I fight for you and will stand by your side throughout the case. I have 15 years of experience helping clients resolve legal matters related to:

  • Criminal law
  • Family law
  • Real estate law

Appealing an Existing Ruling

Perhaps you have waited too long and realize you should have hired an attorney sooner to represent you. Or you may be completely satisfied with the positive outcome of your case, only to learn the opposing party is appealing the ruling. Whether you are interested in overturning an adverse court order or need to preserve your success at trial, I can help.

At most firms, if you want to appeal the original ruling in your case, you have to start from scratch and start looking for a new attorney who is experienced in appellate law. After you have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to have your trial court attorney review your file and become knowledgeable about your case, you have to start over and incur additional expenses for your next attorney to learn the important facts, and research the relevant law, about your case. Since I have experience in prosecuting and defending claims in appellate matters, you benefit from working with an attorney who already knows the facts and legal theories of your case. You may save time and money by working with someone who is already familiar with your unique situation. I work with individuals and businesses to handle appeals at any stage of review in state and federal courts.

Learn more about the legal services I provide by contacting me online or you may call me directly at 760-625-0715 to schedule your free initial consultation. Whether you need advice on a real estate transaction, contract, criminal defense, family law, or juvenile court matter, I can provide the legal counsel and guidance you need.