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Palm Springs Custody Attorney

For parents, nothing is more important during a divorce than the protection of their relationship with their children. Child custody and visitation are always issues of prime concern during a divorce. Understanding the factors that must be considered by the court when these issues are decided is the first step toward achieving your child custody goals.

Custody has two components:

  • Legal custody — This refers to the authority to make decisions regarding your child’s life. Religion, health care and education are typically some of the more major issues that having or not having legal custody can affect.
  • Physical custody — This refers to where the child resides. Custody may be shared jointly by both parents or awarded solely to one parent.

Both physical and legal custody can be shared or awarded solely to a single parent. The court will keep the best interests of the child in mind when making custody and visitation orders.

I am Coachella Valley custody lawyer Timothy L. Ewanyshyn of La Quinta Law Group. I know how important child-related issues can be in divorce and I am committed to using the skill and experience I have acquired during my years of practice to help my clients achieve their goals regarding child custody and visitation.

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